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Sometimes the greatest ideas occur in the least likely places.  What does Reykjavik, Iceland have to do with Pro Basketball Legends?  While on a 2-hour layover in Keflavik airport on the way to see family in Sweden, I overheard two young men in a heated discussion on the NBA.  Both men seemed to be in their early to mid-twenties.  One of the young men was clearly an American.  He spoke with a bit of a Southern twang and wore a red shirt.  I call him Mr. Red.  The other young man appeared to be German.  His English was a bit

“Heroes come and go,
but Legends live forever.”

more truncated.  He wore a gray hoodie.  For brevity sake, we will call him Mr. Gray.  Mr. Red, the louder of the two voices, was busy extoling the multi-faceted offensive prowess of Steph Curry.  “He’s the best offensive player ever,” he stated.  He added, “he is the best shooter, best dribbler, and best moves.  No one can touch him.”  Mr. Gray seemed to take umbrage.  “Curry is very good, but James Harden is bigger, stronger, and shoots more free throws,” posited Mr. Gray.  He adjoined, “he can rebound, attack and win the game.  No question, he is better.”  As both men kept launching verbal salvos in what can best be described as fan-lathered hyperbole, I felt humored but also compelled to politely intervene.  I walked over to where the two men were sitting and said, “excuse me gentlemen, as a basketball fan, I could not help but overhear your conversation on Curry and Harden.”  Both young men appeared perplexed and shot back blank stares. I then added, “ I think you both make great points.”  That seemed to break the ice as both men smiled.  Mr. Gray asked, “who is better for you?”   Hmmm, I thought!  “Let me first ask you both a question, do you think the rule changes eliminating hand checking has helped both players in ways that truly favor offense over defense?”  Once again more blank looks.  I then asked, “have either of you heard of Nate Archibald, Earl Monroe, or Walt Frazier?”  I could have asked both to write out Einstein’s theory of relativity as both faces contorted in unwelcome grimaces.  Mr. Red, then smiled and said, “I know what you’re doing you’re like my father.  You old guys like the old days and the old time players.”  Hmmm , “old…. I thought to myself?”  Mr. Red further added, “ live for today, those old guys had their time.  I don’t even know who they are and don’t care.  Talk to me about now.”  Ok I thought!  Sensing any further reasoning would fall on deaf ears, I thanked both men for their time and left on a note I hope would ignite an internal NBA debate-albeit at a another time,  “Heroes come and go, but Legends live forever.”  That friends was the genesis of



hakeem olajuwon
hakeem olajuwon



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